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Montessori in Action


The idea of Montessori is for children to develop effectively by allowing them to learn in ways that are natural to them. Dr. Montessori discovered that children learn most successfully and joyfully when their inner growth forces are respected and provided for during their human development. In discovering this, she has provided a working method that we carry on today. Montessori understood that the child learns and grows in different stages, each with particular needs and abilities. Young children learn through sensory activities and exploring their environment. Their minds are like sponges, absorbing knowledge of the world around them with ease and eagerness. Older children continue to investigate their surroundings, and have new ways of learning, including reasoning and imagination.


In order to best utilize Montessori’s discovery, each classroom in our school is a specially prepared environment. Our materials are geared towards matching the child’s developmental timetable and natural tendencies with the right materials and tasks to help bring out the child’s fullest capabilities for their age group. It is a wonderful place to be!

The Montessori teacher pays close attention to the child’s interests and what they are ready to concentrate on. She presents them with proper learning materials and activities that match the child’s interest and help further their thinking abilities. Montessori materials are specifically designed to encourage the child to explore and be actively engaged in learning. Each material under Montessori represents an abstract concept appropriate for the child’s age group.


The Montessori teachers respect each child’s inner timetable and allow time for their students to figure out things for themselves. This helps them develop confidence, intellectual abilities and leadership.


Our teachers focus on each individual child. Giving consideration for all aspects of their development: physical, intellectual, social and emotional. We are sensitive to each child’s feelings and uniqueness and recognize their individual ability to learn. The teachers follow the child’s lead and help direct them to improve their learning.

Dr. Maria Montessori

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